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AI Chef cooks for you at CES 2022

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At the CES 2022, Beyond Honeycomb’s AI Chef reproduces gourmet dishes of renowned master chefs from Seoul, South Korea. By providing the exact quality the master chefs intended, Beyond Honeycomb presents visitors in Las Vegas the unique dining experience that one could only have in Seoul.

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At CES 2022, Beyond Honeycomb presents:


Honey Sauce Chicken

Chef Jae Hun Lee

Roasted chicken with mashed potato, arugula, and honey soy sauce

Contains mustard, milk, soybeans, gluten

Salmon Toast with Black Sauce

Chef Wind Minzi Kim

Roasted Black Pepper Salmon on celery mayo and bread

Contains celery, fish, egg, gluten


The Amazing Fish

Chef Carlos Shin

Grilled Fish Fillet with potato, garlic, and white wine vinegar

Contains fish, white wine vinegar 


                ‘ChapaGuri’ Chef Edition

Collaboration with Nongshim

Roasted Chicken with The Famous Ram-don from the movie ‘Parasite’

Contains chicken, seafood, gluten


Visit us at CES 2022

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Food Serving Time

10AM - 11AM

12PM - 1PM

3PM - 4PM

1/5 Wed - 1/7 Fri


It Works

We are collaborating with renowned master chefs from South Korea to bring a unique gourmet experience to Las Vegas.


We used the simple Chef-to-AI collaboration steps, so the trained AI can use the below mobile kitchen we installed at the CES exhibition site to reproduce the exact texture and taste.

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1. Chef provides the recipe

The original chef provides the list of ingredients and sauce ratios

2. Chef demonstrates with Beyond Honeycomb's cooking system

Our food sensor scans and digitizes the texture and taste, real-time while cooking

3. AI learns the skills

Our light-weight AI model takes 48 hours to learn the original chef's skills for the dish

4. AI Chef reproduces the dish

Once the original chef confirms the quality AI reproduced, we distribute it on our dining platform - the first showcase at CES 2022

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