Salmon Dish


AI-driven kitchen robot learns to reproduce

the texture and taste of master chef dishes

AI-driven Kitchen.

Reproducing the taste at the molecular level.

Food Sensing

Sensors acquire the molecular data from the dish while cooking

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AI Training

AI spends 48 hours

to learn skills for the dish


AI-driven cooking robot reproduces the taste of the original dish


Famous chef dishes
for everyone

Everyone deserves to experience good food anywhere, anytime, at a low price.


Technology makes it happen.

Beyond a franchise,
it's a dining platform.

We are reshaping commercial kitchens to create a digital platform. With a digitized set of chef skills and taste data, the platform serves casual, but chef-quality daily meals like sandwich, burger, BBQ Grill, and salad, at a low price.

How we keep it

Today, many commercial kitchens face labor shortage and various human risks. Highly skilled chefs are limited to serving at a single location at a time.

Whereas, Beyond Honeycomb's AI Chef enables greater kitchen productivity and menu options while minimizing labor cost and human error. Original chefs, as 'creators' can now serve their masterpieces to a bigger group of eaters on the platform.


save on labor cost


increase in productivity


more menu options 

Beyond Honeycomb CES White.png

AI Chef cooks for you at CES 2022

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At the CES 2022, Beyond Honeycomb’s AI Chef reproduces gourmet dishes of renowned master chefs from Seoul, South Korea. By providing the exact quality the master chefs intended, Beyond Honeycomb presents visitors in Las Vegas the unique dining experience that one could only have in Seoul.

Chef Collaboration

 We call them artists. 

Chefs, or the creators, and Beyond Honeycomb are collaborating to design the dining platform together. Not just a simple written recipe, but the master chef's cooking skills and taste can now be part of the intellectual property.


We innovate, together.

Comprised of ex-researchers at Samsung Research,

our leadership has a decade of experience in AI and food science.
With entrepreneurs and top chefs, we bring the breakthrough together.

Steve Jung
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Betsy Kim
Innovation Research Engineer
Zoey Jung
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Kiara Low
Marketing and Strategy
Gunhee Han 
Strategy Director
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Raúl Kwon
Business Operations